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As of September the 30th. 2017, the Canadian Katahdin Sheep Association has completed amalgamation with the Canadian Sheep Breeders Association

All Katahdins born before this September 30th. 2017 date can still carry the CKSA ID as specified in the Breed Guide Book.

Or you may start to use the Canadian Sheep Breeders Association ID using double CSIP + RFID tags available from same place you got your single ones the Canadian Cooperative Woolgrowers. Or tattoos. The details are on the web site of the CSBA above.

We are forming a Canadian Katahdin Sheep Group to maintain the coat grading clinics. We plan on making this easier to attain and it has been suggested that having to take the course every 5 years be eliminated. Also to give access to being accredited for this coat grading through an online or such clinic. It is up to you what you want to have done.

There are some changes to the original breed characteristics of the Katahdin not much but one may affect you is that horns are not allowed on both ewes and rams now. Otherwise the standards are listed on the CSBA web site under the Katahdins.

Your membership was transferred to the CSBA if you were a paid up member for this year 2017. Your next billing will be from the CSBA through CLRC. You can ask Lorna at CLRC any questions if you are unclear about anything as Lorna is still our sheep registrar.

Thank you Canadian Katahdin Sheep Group


Email: Lynette Kreddig