What to expect when becoming an Accredited Coat Grader

Eligibility to enter the certification process: You have been a member of CKSA/CSBA, owning registered Katahdins, for two consecutive years or more.

Criteria to become an Accredited Coat Grader: you must practically demonstrate that you are knowledgeable of the Katahdin Sheep coat types, breed standards, and necessary registration paperwork.

Currently, this can be done in several ways:

  1. Attend a coat grading clinic scheduled in your province
  2. Have one on one certification by a qualified, CKSS appointed Coat Grading Certifier

Process for becoming an Accredited Coat Grader:

  1. Contact lynette.kreddig@franklynfarm.ca or Brandi Dechkoff dkff@rogers.com
  2. If a provincial coat grading clinic is not currently scheduled in your area in the next few months, the CKSS will contact the nearest CKSS Coat Grading Certifiers to see who has availability to certify you one on one.
  3. Expect that this process will take weeks to months to occur, depending on your location relative to the Coat Grading Inspector
  4. Once tested, the CKSS appointed Coat Grading Certifier will submit the proper paperwork so that the CKSS will give you an inspector number for you to use when coat grading. You will also be registered with the Canadian Livestock Records Corp (CLRC) as an Accredited Coat Inspector so that any future coat grading that you perform and sign off on will be recorded on the animal’s registration.

Becoming an Accredited Coat Grader prior to the amalgamation:

Prior to the amalgamation, it was expected that any two or more year CKSA members would attend a scheduled coat grading clinic in the province you resided or near you. Typically these were held by the provincial associations and were held only once every one or two years. If you wanted to be accredited, then you would have to wait until a clinic was scheduled and make sure you travelled to attend. Typically, any new breeders would have their purchased breeding stock coat graded by the breeder that they purchased their seed stock from. By the time it came to coat grading their first lambs, they were members for two years and could be accredited to do their own if they so choose.

What can I expect for costs to become Accredited?

In 2018, the options have broadened and the CKSS is working to provide other options for Accreditation in 2019. Since our primary mandate is to support breeders with coat grading certification, in 2018 the CKSS has decided to cover all the costs of any clinic or one on one certification session. This is for the appointed Coat Grading Certifier’s time and effort and does NOT include any travel/mileage costs. You are responsible for travel costs whether you arrange to cover any costs to the Coat Grading Certifier to travel to your herd or you make arrangements to travel yourself to their herd to be tested. Please realize this is not different before. In fact, the one on one service the CKSS is supporting and putting a lot of effort to help arrange allows prospective Coat Graders more flexibility to become Accredited for a similar cost to having to travel to a fixed Coat Grading Clinic!

How long am I Accredited for before needing re-certification?

You remain accredited for as long as your remain a CSBA member with Katahdins. You cannot let your CSBA membership lapse for this to remain in effect.

As an accredited coat grader, it is your responsibility to check for any changes in required process or paperwork prior to coat grading. The CKSS will make every effort to post any new requirements on the website and through the newsletter.