Governing Bylaws

The coat grading is outlined in the bylaws for CSBA so these need to be followed at present:

Katahdin Elibiligity for Permanent Registration:

A) Purebred Katahdin sheep must comply with the following breed characteristics and requirements:

  1. The purpose of the Katahdin is to efficiently and economically produce meat. The loin should be long and broad.

  2. The shedding coat of the Katahdin should not require shearing. The coat can be any colour, colour combination, or colour pattern.

  3. An accredited Canadian Katahdin Sheep Society inspector has graded the coat and characterized it as one of the following:

    i) AA Type: Naturally free of visible woolly fibers at all times. Seasonally sheds completely.

    ii) A Type: Some evidence of woolly fibers. Seasonally sheds completely.

    iii) B Type: Some patches do not shed of which the total area does not exceed 1/4 of the upper half of the body, or an area approximately 4” wide along the top of the back. Rams are not eligible for registration.

    iv) C Type: Patches that cover more than 1/4 of the upper half of the body, which do not seasonally shed. Rams are not eligible for registration.

  4. Polled animals are preferred. Scurs are allowable, but horns are not allowable.

  5. The service ram must not be immediately related to the serviced ewe or her parents.

  6. Rams must have a dam graded with an “A” or “AA” coat.

B) Eligibility for Temporary Registration Canadian animals, which have not been coat inspected, are eligible for temporary registration providing:

  1. Sire and dam have permanent registration status with the Registry.