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Welcome to CKSA

The rapid growth of the Katahdin sheep industry in Canada has necessitated the formation of the Canadian Katahdin Sheep Association (CKSA) at a producer orientated level.

To attain credibility as a Canadian represented breed, the CKSA is incorporated under the terms, conditions and high standards as set out by the Animal Pedigree Act of Canada and the Animal Registrations Branch of Agri Food and Agriculture Canada. (Incorporated March 17, 1995).

The Canadian Livestock Records Corporation Inc. (CLRC) has been selected as the official Katahdin Registry for the CKSA.

The CKSA is designed to have representatives from all the Canadian provinces and territories... a concept that allows for input from all areas, to address issues of concern and expansion of the Katahdin Sheep industry. Co-operation and unification has been the foundation upon which the strong, stable growth and formation of the CKSA has been based... a direction for continued development.